Core Values

Living our passion

ECS is built on robust foundations, combining strong principles with a proven track record of success. Our culture embraces the development of individuals with specialist skills, deep experience and lasting personal relationships at all levels. The ability to deliver results with unwavering focus is what sets us apart and we don’t compromise on our promise of outstanding customer service.

More creative

Use our knowledge and expertise to continually excite the market, with innovative services that extend your capability and solve complex problems.

Our highly skilled people apply their thinking to challenge convention and discover new ways of working that create successful outcomes for everyone. We have a genuine desire to transform our ideas and actions into meaningful results. Working with you together in true partnership, we will always find effective answers to help solve your most pressing IT related issues.

More inspired

Enlighten our customers, colleagues, partners and investors by intelligently exploring new possibilities, while engineering quality into everything we do.

By listening, understanding and constructively challenging, we will demonstrate value and expertise you can trust. We plan and take action in a considered way, instilling confidence in our clients and those around us. Never taking success for granted, we value and nurture personal relationships, sharing our insights and positive energy. Our people are self-motivated and results focused, we enjoy what we do and always conduct ourselves professionally.

More value

Empower our people to be decisive, creating the right conditions for your success, setting our own high standards and taking full responsibility.

We work collaboratively, as interdependent contributors across our extended community, transferring knowledge to our clients and partners. By investing in outstanding personnel, equipped with the right balance between experience and attitude, we can serve the most demanding needs. We learn and grow by taking on new challenges, relishing the opportunity to show the positive difference we make when working together to multiply our efforts.