Our Culture

Our success is built on our ability to create more success for you. ECS people create value by combining specialist expertise with hard work and results. This is what builds your trust in our ability to deliver, which is the foundation of our culture.

People first

People First

When partnering with ECS, our people become your people, seamlessly integrating with your teams to help you realise business goals. We single-mindedly focus on providing outstanding customer service, ensuring you have what you need. This is why we place so much importance on the quality of our people and why they are so highly regarded by our clients.

Interdependent creativity


Drawing on many years’ experience working with blue chip clients to deliver major projects, our culture demands that we encourage, listen to and respect the input of your team. This helps us to better understand you and your business, so that we are better placed to apply our creative thinking.

Using this collaborative approach, our team can suggest effective answers to complex challenges, applying innovative ideas where appropriate, that may otherwise be missed.

Take responsibility

Take responsibility

Our culture demands being accountable by taking responsibility for delivering more success for you. We’ll give you the very highest levels of customer care, with a personal touch, often lost in today’s world of corporate structures and processes. We obsess about our standards of quality, service and delivery and take great pride in the work we do.