ECS Splunk Hackathon

Do you have a passion for technology, data and problem solving? 

If the answer is “Yes!” then the ECS Splunk Hackathon is an event that will capture your interest.

The ECS Splunk Hackathon is an event that will test your skills and logic against other like-minded technologists and in the end the team with the best analytical skills, use cases and dashboards will prevail and take the prize!  This event provides an opportunity to not only demonstrate your technical and analytical know-how using the Splunk technology, but also to win prizes (Amazon Vouchers & Splunk T-Shirts)!

Whether you’re a student or recent graduate, you’re welcome to join us! You don’t have to be an expert in Splunk or data analytics but a firm grasp of technology and some general analytical skills will be enough together with resources and support you’ll receive throughout the day.

The only other requirements are that you are studying/have studied an IT related degree and would ideally be at or above your 3rd year of study (this is to match your skills with the challenge).

Our Hackathon presents a challenging scenario for attendees to work as part of a team in a fun and relaxed environment.  If you don’t have a team then we’ll link you into one so don’t hesitate to apply as an individual.

Places are limited to 30 people so act fast to avoid disappointment. 


Date:         16th March 2017

Place:        Edinburgh, Napier University, Merchiston Campus, EH10 5DT

Time:        1600 - 2100

Objective:  Hack! Win!

Dress:       Casual

Refreshments (Food & Beer): Provided


You may register as a team or individual. Teams are limited to no more than 3 people, and those without a team will be assigned on the day.

Please use this form [via GoogleDocs] to register your interest and places will be confirmed shortly after with your information pack.  If you have any issues or questions please reach out to Harry McLaren (ECS Splunk Enablement Lead) harry.mclaren[at][dot]uk.


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