IT Consultancy

The IT Consultancy Practice creates CIO level Information Technology (IT) strategy, helping to transform your existing IT environment to ensure alignment with changing and challenging business objectives. In addition, you receive peer level support to improve operational service, create savings and where appropriate reduce business risk.

IT consulting

Our experts can help you with any IT related challenge and in addition provide the following services:

  • IT Transformation Consultancy – giving support to the CIO and senior IT leadership team to help deliver the CIO agenda
  • IT Troubleshoot – helping CIOs recover failing projects or quickly get on top of crisis situations, such as major outages or compliance failures
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestments – providing a CIO action framework to deal with mergers, acquisitions and divestments
  • IT Sourcing Advisory – giving you the capability to develop and manage your IT sourcing strategy
  • Sustainability – helping you to define, develop and implement the reporting models around sustainability initiatives

Our IT consultants understand the challenges you face and will augment the skills and expertise that exist within your teams, transfering knowledge, establishing best practice methods and creating new capabilities that you never had before. We can do this because our people have significant CIO level experience. This means you will have access to a wealth of knowledge that ensures speed and focus on the burning issues you face, not to mention the support of someone who has already faced and overcome similar challenges.

Working together, you will benefit from our experience and knowledge of industry best practice and we will leave your IT organisation in a better place to drive change, reduce costs and raise standards. Now you can quickly access the support you need at a senior level to assist with your IT transformation and business change initiatives, resulting in service improvements, cost reduction and an enhanced technology roadmap.

Benefits to you:

  • Support from a skilled professional who has experienced and overcome similar challenges and understands both your business and IT issues
  • Track record of delivering successful recovery management, transition, transformation and cost reduction programmes
  • We will work with your team to ensure alignment between IT and business strategy
  • Leverage our capability to deliver effective project governance and risk management
  • Get the help you need from experienced change agents to drive success

To help you get the CIO level advice and support you need, please contact us now