Service Delivery Excellence

Engineering new levels of service quality

We believe our passion for outstanding service helps us drive quality for all our customer touch points. ECS is a company organised and engineered with a single-minded focus on delivering the best possible customer service for enterprise clients.

ECS delivers flexible IT services to manage bespoke projects such as change, migration, transformation and cost reduction, giving you:

Cost reductionReduced cost of delivery by leveraging expert teams and blended onsite/offshore ECS resources.

Flexible IT Solutions

Increased IT agility with flexible resources, including managed services.

Fast delivery

Accelerated delivery of results through highly-skilled teams and proprietary tools and methodologies.

Trusted vendors

Trusted vendor status – with attention to detail, high quality staff and customer focus delivering sustained advantage to you.

Our customers are some of the biggest and most heavily regulated organisations, so it’s fair to say they have high expectations from any provider. However, our people push the bar higher still by setting their own standards because, after all, service is a personal thing.

The right people with the right attitude

We believe the quality of our people and their can-do approach is what puts real daylight between ECS and our competitors. That’s why we don’t just recruit the brightest people we can find, we also ensure that our people have the right values and beliefs that make them a perfect match for our services organisation. We seek out industry veterans with specific knowledge to help you.

ECS is your partner for consistently right first time delivery of ‘service wrap’ around provision of IT managed services:

  • Exceptional people and process management abilities support clients’ resources in-line with your technology initiatives and priorities.
  • High quality, knowledgeable staff with a wealth of IT experience who will become trusted advisors to key decision makers within your business.
  • Underpinned by scalable in-house developed IP, proprietary tools and standardised processes and methodologies.
  • High staff retention rate shows combined dedication to your success.
  • Established operation in Pune, India, which provides a blended onsite/offshore managed service delivery model, minimising cost and maximising flexibility.

In this way our people already understand what it means to deliver results for you, through collaborative and customer-oriented ways of thinking and working. By listening, in order to understand you and your needs, our people will guide you through the right course of action so you can deliver on your promises.

Service is personal

We believe in taking ownership of customer issues and being responsible for solving them effectively. Our people live by the edict that we are only as good as the success of our last customer project. At ECS we are dedicated to continuous improvement through a process of post project reviews, making each new engagement better than the last.

All our people are equipped with an unwavering sense of purpose to deliver more success for you. As a professional services company we take what we do extremely seriously. Our people go one step further however, in that we take your success personally. That’s how you will recognise us, because our people stand out from the crowd through their attitude, commitment and general work ethic.

Working for ECS is regarded by our people as a badge of honour, and in turn we feel privileged to support and work with our blue chip clients. We believe that focusing on outstanding customer service will help build trust and foster a lasting professional relationship with you.

For more information on how we can help you deliver more success, please contact us now